Welcome to the Gr8DNS.org landing page.

This domain is used as the infrastructure domain for a few projects, and provides (among other things) the mail gateway used for

If you need to reach someone to talk about email from either of those two domains, please reach out to

abuse @ gr8dns . org

Dirk Hohndel is running this service and can be reached through the abuse alias as well.

This server happens to be located in the UK (cheapest VM with a static IP address that isn't blocked everywhere that I could find). Dirk actually lives on the West Coast of the United States in Portland OR.

If you need to reach Dirk with postal mail, you can do this via his consulting company:

DH Consulting
Dirk Hohndel
12725 SW Millikan Way #300
Beaverton, OR 97005

You can also reach me through this form: